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The Yellow Clover


Belfast at Christmas Time

Last weekend I got the lovely opportunity to spend a few days with my family back in my home city; Belfast, Northern Ireland. As I am not able to spend Christmas with my family this year I knew that I needed to squeeze in a wee visit to see them before the busy retail rush (which is the entire month of December). If you have a retail job like me, or a job that requires you to be super busy during the Christmas period, I can't reccomend enough taking a wee holiday/break just before the bulk of the busyness starts...for me, it was honestly such a relaxing trip filled with lazy mornings, cosy cups of tea and catch-ups and I was able to come back to work feeling refreshed, re-energised and ready to face the next month of madness.

During my visit, I spent the days going on wee trips and outings with my mum and sister, Bethany. Our other sister, Lucy, is currently studying in England so unfortunately she couldn't join us this time around. Bethany was definitely happy to have some company, she probably wouldn't have even minded what sister it was to be honest!

If you ever ask me about Belfast, I will be sure to tell you to go at Christmas-time and to go to the continental market! I just love it! It has such a warm and friendly atmosphere with copious amounts of yummy food, quirky crafts and whimsical fairground rides. I know a lot of people think that all Christmas markets are the same but Belfast's is different because unlike places like Nottingham and Birmingham, it doesn't have ridiculous amounts of the same food stand left, right and centre. Belfast has a nice variety of crafts, gifts and foods and is honestly an Instagrammers paradise. You can't argue that I'm biased either because I don't even have a strong connection with the city...I can appreciate it but hello, I chose to move away! Haha.

These are some of my lovely friends that I also got to see and have a wee catch-up with! Time spent with them always makes my heart happy because even though I hadn't seen them for 6 months, after excited hugs and hello's, it felt as if no time had passed at all!

After begging asking the whole weekend, Bethany was finally granted permission to put up the Christmas decorations with my help on Monday. As you can tell, it turned into a bit of a strange over-excited ordeal, however it was actually the perfect end to my festive little trip.

Til next time Belfast!

- S xo