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God; the Ultimate Wedding Planner

Ok, so this post might seem a little strange by the title, and honestly, it is...but it's also hilariously wonderful if you really think about it! I'm laughing as I write this because the thought just fills me with so much amusement and joy; God is my wedding planner!

Even as a Christian, I can often forget that God has a hand in absolutely everything that we do. Sometimes I feel like it's only the big things that he's interested in; like keeping us safe, guiding us along the right paths, delivering us from evil etc etc, however, I've come to realise that he genuinely cares about every aspect of our lives, even the things that we may think are insignificant to him in comparison; like a wedding.

"Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will shape the desires of your heart" - Psalms 37:4

This verse doesn't mean that by being a Christian we can just magically ask for anything that we want and God will wave a magic wand and make it happen, I think it just means that God actually is interested in our desires and he wants to bless us with them, they just might not always take shape or form how we expect.

For example, my wedding dress was definitely chosen and provided by God. Yes, you read that correctly! Who knew that God would have a good taste in bridal wear eh?

A few days before I went dress shopping, Sam and I found out that the fees for getting married in our church and to obtain the correct licencing was going to cost more than what we had originally planned (approx. £300) - it was quite a disheartening blow but there wasn't really anything that we could do. Due to this, I felt quite anxious at the thought of looking for a wedding dress because what if I fell in love with one that was again, going to be over the allotted budget? Little did I know though, that my divine wedding planner had actually already picked me out a dreamy dress for an even dreamier price! The dress that I fell in love with was quite different to anything that I had tried before, that's the crazy thing - I don't even know what drew me to it in the shop but I just knew that I wanted to try it on. It's also crazy that we went shopping on the last day that the dress was on sale for approx. £300 under my budget!! You can call it a coincidence if you want but I am proud to say that it was definitely a work of God.

The moment that I was told the price, I just sat down on the floor (in the dress) and started crying - I couldn't believe it! In my head I just kept saying "thank you God" because I knew it was a lil miracle. That was the moment I realised that God actually is interested in my wedding, right down to something as trivial as the dress, and that he's also in control of our finances for the whole thing.

I've noticed that God is even surrounding me with the right people to help me plan the wedding - people with helpful skills and suggestions or even with just a genuine willingness to help out wherever needed. I am so thankful to God for everything that he is providing and I'm feeling so blessed with everything that is coming from this experience.

The caterers for our wedding were recently changed by the venue, and it's a little bit scary because we're still not sure of prices or anything like that, but going forward, I have full faith in God and I'm sure that he's already got it covered with a perfect meal planned out for us haha.

Something that I have learnt from this experience and also other 'God moments' in my life, is to be open-minded and observant. God may give you things that you never even realised were from him, or he may give you what you want or need but in a different form to how you might have expected. God cares about you and is interested in what you are interested in, so don't forget to give him credit when your hopes, dreams, wishes and desires come to life no matter how big or small!

And if you need a good wedding planner, don't hesitate to give him a call - I highly recommend!

- S xo