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The Yellow Clover


How to Survive the January Blues

For most people, January can be a bit blah, eh? Christmas has such a big build up and the celebrations often continue until the new year, but as soon you get to the 2nd of Jan, the fun sort of filters away as we eat the last few remaining Quality Streets, and we're left with a pretty bleak and uneventful month.

Well I'm here to tell you that January doesn't have to be a boring month and that we actually can survive and maybe even potentially avoid the January blues! I'm actually feeling quite positive and hopeful at the moment so I hope that these tips inspire you and help to add some cheer to the beginning of your year.

T i p # 1

Make plans & set dates to look forward to

There's nothing worse than having nothing in your calendar to look forward to! For me, having fun little outings with my friends, a night out dancing, or even just a cosy evening watching movies and ordering a takeaway are essential for helping me get through the regular hum-drum weekly routine. If you have nothing big planned for the month, plan little things with your friends or family so that you have dates in the future that you can focus on and get excited about!

T i p # 2

Book a trip away

Again, this is the same principle as having something to look forward to. Booking a trip away also allows you to escape your everyday life for a little while and can provide a fab excuse to just relax and recharge if you've had a particularly busy festive season. Even just a weekend to a different city can make all the difference! Last year Sam and I spent a few days in Brighton at the beginning of Jan and it was just what we needed. We even got engaged which dramatically turned our typically uneventful January into an amazingly exciting month!

T i p # 3

Invest your time in hobbies

Now that the mad Christmas rush is over maybe you have more free time again that you're not really sure what to do with? Hobbies are such an excellent way to keep you busy, keep you happy and also keep any boredom at bay. If you don't have a hobby, there's no harm in trying something new! As long as you're doing an activity that you enjoy, your mood will honestly be boosted and time won't seem to drag like it sometimes can around this time of year.

T i p # 4

Use this month as an opportunity to refresh and restart

There's no better time than the beginning of the year to have a good old refresh in certain aspects of your life. Have a de-cluttering sesh in your house, thoroughly clean your car, re-decorate your bedroom. Personally, I really need to give my wardrobe a good old sort out and organise what I want to keep and what I want to give away!

I find that also having a social media clear-out can be really helpful and freeing too. I recently unfollowed lots of accounts on Instagram that weren't particularly positive influences in my life and I went through my facebook friends too. Goodbye to all the people who I randomly met on nights-out and events in first year of uni and never spoke to again lol!

I hope that you find these tips helpful and feel a little better equipped to keep the January blues at bay! Cheers to 2020!

- S xo