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The Yellow Clover


Snapshots from Brighton

As many of you know, at the beginning of the month, Sam and I took a wee trip down to the South of England to visit the city that has been at the top of my bucket list for as long as I can remember; Brighton!! For years I have wanted to live in Brighton, even though I had never actually been there before our trip this month, however, I just knew that it would be my kinda place...and I was not wrong!! Uhhh honestly, the urge is even stronger now to just pack up my bags and move down there. There's just something about being by the sea that makes me feel so calm and relaxed. I've always been drawn to the sea, as if there's a constant siren song in the back of my mind luring me back to the South of England (where I'm originally from many moons ago).

^^This was one of my favourite moments from our trip (besides the big surprise that came later that same day which a lot of you already know about)! We were sitting right on the seafront, with the sun on our faces, not a cloud in the sky and just relaxing listening to the sound of the waves. The best way to describe it was that I felt infinitely happy. I have honestly never felt so calm and at peace ever in my life like I did in that moment. Usually my mind is constantly whirring with a hundred different thoughts at a hundred miles an hour but I remember as we were sitting there, catching myself and realising that my brain was actually being silent for once - there was nothing in particular that I was thinking about or feeling anxious about and it was utter bliss! The sea is definitely my place. I feel like everyone has one; that place where your mind and body just instantly feel relaxed and you find that you can breathe a little easier. For some people it's on top of a mountain, for others it's deep in a forest area surronded by trees. Natural spaces are truly magical and I'm so thankful to God for creating them.

One of the first things that we did when we arrived was visit the infamous pier! We had lots of fun dodging gigantic seagulls and being blown about by the gusty wind as we walked many metres above the sea. Thankfully the games arcade in the middle is a welcome shelter from the elements and the demon birds. Sam and I spent most of the time on the 2p machines (which are annoying as heck) and although we did win a few tickets here and there from various other machines, we decided just to give them away to a few kids that we saw running about.

Another thing that I love about Brighton is the food!! Let me tell you, we ate well!! No word of a lie, every single meal that we had was amazingly tasty, even Sam, the hard to please self-proclaimed food critique, agreed! A particular favourite spot of mine was Boho Gelato...just thinking of it now is making my mouth water! If you ever get a chance to go there, and if you're a carrot cake lover like myself, I implore you to try the carrot cake gelato! It is an absolute dream packed full of flavour and creaminess!

As well as being amazed by fish and chips and gelato, I was also greatly surprised by a certain sneaky boyfriend who I now get to call "fiance"!! Yes, that's right, Sam proposed!! Asghkodbdujksdboaid!! And I said yes of course!! I'm still not over it haha. I have lots of pictures from the proposal so I thought that it would be fun to put them in a separate blog post and tell you all about how it went down. It'll be coming soon, I promise!

- S xo