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The Yellow Clover


Sweet Farewells

Thursday is moving day and I can't quite believe it! How has it come around so quickly?

Over the last few days I've been meeting up with friends and family to say my farewells and 'see ya later's and it's left me feeling quite emotional.

Goodbyes are never easy...you think sometimes they will be but they're just not. When I moved back to Belfast 9 months ago I thought that it would be easy to simply pack up and move on when the time came because I never imagined that I would make the ties and friendships that I ended up having.

I should have seen it coming though really because just before I started my job at the end of August I remember praying that I would meet some lovely people and create some genuine friendships...and guess what? That's exactly what God gave me! I can actually remember the exact day God answered my prayers; I was starting to become close with a few girls in work and when I went home one night I prayed that these friendships would turn into the kind where we actually hang out and see each other outside of work. The next day, no word of a lie, they invited me to go out with them an evening that week and since then I've grown so much closer to them along with others.

Looking back, maybe that was one of the reasons why God put me in that particular job - to make the friendships that I did. Even though I ended up unhappy in the job itself, it wasn't a wasted experience at all - I learnt a lot; about myself and others and I also made some fab memories with some fab people! I met up with some of the group on Sunday night for dinner and I ended up coming away with presents and gorgeous cupcakes which I totally didn't deserve but I felt so blessed and lucky all the same!

In a weird way I'm actually thankful for my goodbyes being difficult. Not because I enjoy feeling sad and emotional but because it means I actually have relationships and roots in Belfast now which I didn't have before. I have made friends, started the journey of mending one particular relationship and also grown in my relationship with God and my boyfriend. I will definitely be leaving on Thursday with a full and happy heart.

And anyway, all of these goodbyes aren't really goodbyes...they're simply 'see ya later's...

- S xo

(If you want to see more gorgeous cupcakes like the ones I have, head over to my friend's >> instagram << to check out all the other sweet treats that she bakes!)