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Thrifty Winter // Lookbook

After the last few posts of mine being quite deep, I thought today I would post something a little bit more fun and light-hearted! If you know me then you'll know that one of my loves in life is clothes, especially thrifted clothes (ie clothes thrifted/bought from charity shops). I love being able to experiment with adding second-hand pieces into my wardrobe and creating outfits that have a stylish vintage edge whilst also showing off pieces that maybe not everyone else has.

For this post I thought I would share with you some of my current favourite thrifted winter pieces and how I style them. I hope this maybe gives you some outfit inspo...but if not, I hope you enjoy this post none-the-less :)

O U T F I T   #1

~ Parisienne chic ~

This look probably has to be my favourite! I am currently loving the parisienne vibe which has crept into a lot of people's wardrobes recently and I just think that accessories like berets can add such a chic and romantic accent to any outfit. I started 2018 with only 2 berets and after a month my collection has already grown to 5! I don't feel quite so guilty about buying them though because in most charity shops you can usually find them for about £1.50.

This particular beret I managed to find at a vintage sale for about 70p and the slip dress was actually a happy accidental find on ebay.

I was on the hunt for a black dress and came across this gorgeous black slip with dainty little white flowers from the M&S Alexa Chung collection. Now this is a steal that I'm pretty proud of...are you ready? I got it for £2.50 haha! I put in a bid for it whilst on my break at work one day, went away not thinking I would win it and came back a few hours later to find out I was its new proud owner! It definitely made a lovely end to an otherwise stressful day.

A colourful jumper or beret would be gorgeous with this outfit too but honestly, anything layered with a black turtle neck jumper is a win for me and with this particular dress I think it creates the perfect mix of an edgy, yet feminine Parisienne look.

O U T F I T   #2

~ Keeping it casual ~

This outfit is probably the easiest to throw together on days when I just wanna feel comfy and casual.

Dungarees are a staple in my wardrobe all year round and these ones that I found for just £7 are perfect for layering with cosy knits in the Winter and alternatively, off-the-shoulder tops in Spring.

This cream roll neck jumper is also a thrift find and it is honestly the softest thing ever! Pair it with a knitted beanie and you're good to go out and brave the Winter weather...like I tried to do haha.

O U T F I T   #3

~ The art student ~

This vintage teddy bear coat is a new purchase of mine and it has very quickly assumed #1 position among my favourite thrifted pieces.

It may not look like much but whenever I wear it I feel like the happiest, most cosy little marshmallow. I think the most amazing thing about this coat though is how much I bought it for, bearing in mind that coats like this are currently retailing at £30 and over.

I got it for £4! I repeat, £4!! I'm still in shock if I'm being honest.

This coat can seriously be worn with pretty much any outfit and I actually must confess that I have been wearing it with pretty much every outfit recently, but paired with these green tapered trousers from Zara (also thrifted) and a black turtle neck, it makes for a comfy, artsy, put-together look.

- S xo