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Top Tips for Taking Instagram Photos at Home

Over the last year, I have fallen in love with shooting most of my Instagram and blog content in the comfort of my own home. This means that I don't have to worry about getting strange looks from other people, or spend time scouting out locations. It is also a massive benefit when hopping in and out of lockdowns because it means that my Insta game always stays relatively unaffected due to my shooting location simply being my home.

I know that many people prefer taking photos outside and that's perfectly ok, outdoor photos always have a lovely charm to them, but if you're feeling a little like me and would prefer to move your photoshoots indoors, then keep reading to find out my top tips for making the most out of shooting at home!


Honestly, the plain wall in my living room is my best friend! For being such a simple backdrop, it can be incredibly versatile. Use Lightroom Classic, Photoshop or PicsArt to easily change the wall colour to add a bit more excitement and interest to your shots! Don't have easy access to a plain wall? String up a white sheet instead and use that as a backdrop to add a light, airiness to your photos.


Do you have a funky gallery wall in your living room? Use it as a fun background to pose in front of. What about pretty tiles in your bathroom? Run a bath and set out some of your favourite pamper products to photograph. You have a sofa, right? Grab a cup of coffee and candidly sip whilst snapping photos.

Areas in your home that look pretty or have fun decor are always perfect settings for cute photographs. They also make for quick and easy photoshoots because everything is already set-up in your home so there's usually minimal mess and tidying to do afterwards.


These sorts of shots sometimes take a lil more effort but they always have wonderful results! Why not build a blanket fort with lots of fairy lights for some cute and cosy snaps? Treat yourself to a yummy brunch spread and take some pics whilst you enjoy your pancakes. Have a pillow fight on your bed with your partner and edit lots of fluffy feathers into the shot to add a dash of excitement!

Setting a scene can really help if you want to tell a story or be a little more creative. I personally find the whole process really fun too, simply because it allows me to be creative with my space and have a little play with the decor and scenery.


Have a little walk around your house and look for areas that you may not think are photo-worthy at first but are still quite quirky or interesting. I once took a photo with my background being the inside of my fridge, yes, my fridge!

An empty bath is also a particularly fun location if you have something to celebrate; add some streamers and balloons and your bathroom will be the envy of any part-goer.

These types of photos will also be sure to make you stand out and become a little more memorable due to your creativity and originality.


Why not play around with adding some pattern or colour to otherwise plain walls? Or photoshop the view outside of your bedroom window. Simply play around with apps like PicsArt to create fun and interesting edits.

(@Laurenkaufman2 on Insta has some fab tutorials for how to create fun edits. She was the inspo behind my photo above!)


Look for items in your home that you could easily build a photo around. Flowers are always a fun way to add a pop of colour to a shot. Or what about a mug of coffee? This is an easy object to hold to make your poses look a lot more natural and candid.


The downside to shooting indoors is definitely the lack of light sometimes. To combat this, try your best to take pictures facing a window with lots of natural daylight. Or alternatively, invest in a ringlight or softbox so that you can shoot in any location inside your home. I actually love using the flash on my camera too - I feel like it adds such a fun retro vibe to my photos.

I hope you find these tips helpful and feel a little more inspired to go forth and have fun with shooting photos in your house! If you ever need a little extra inspo, feel free to have a wee scroll through my Instagram feed or do a search on Pinterest for 'indoor photoshoot ideas'.

Don't forget to tag me on Instagram @shannonpursey if you decide to play around with any of my tips - I would love to see what you get up to and create!!

- S xo